Turning Ideas into Action

“An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied.” – Arnold H. Glasow

Ideas are abundant, but only a few of these ideas materialize into successful businesses. What separates the wheat from the chaff? The answer lies in one simple yet critical component: action.

Arnold H. Glasow, the famous businessman and humorist, once said, “An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied.” This quote carries a potent message for entrepreneurs: action is the bridge that connects our ideas to reality.

Consider the story of Howard Schultz, the former CEO of Starbucks. On a business trip to Italy, he was inspired by the culture of espresso bars and their role as a meeting place for people. This was merely an idea until Schultz took action, transforming Starbucks from a single coffee bean store into a global coffeehouse chain, bringing his vision of a ‘third place’ between home and work to millions around the world.

As an entrepreneur, here’s how you can turn your ideas into action:

  1. Break it Down: Break your idea down into manageable tasks. This helps prevent overwhelm and provides a clear path forward.
  2. Start Now: Don’t wait for the ‘perfect’ moment or conditions. Start where you are with what you have.
  3. Learn and Adapt: Action often brings clarity. As you progress, you’ll learn more about your market, your capabilities, and can adapt accordingly.

Remember, ideas are the starting point, but it’s action that propels you along the journey of entrepreneurship. Every step you take brings you closer to turning your entrepreneurial dreams into reality.

To dive deeper into the role of action in entrepreneurship be sure to check out my book pick of the week “The Strangest Secret” by Earl Nightingale.

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