5 Reasons Why Networking on Social Media is Good for Your Business

May 28, 2018

In the past few years, social media has taken over many aspects of our lives.

It’s nearly impossible to get away from platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and all the others. Many people are spending hours scrolling, responding, commenting, and constructing the perfect posts for other people to enjoy.

One of the obvious answers to growing a business is networking on social media. There is a world of possibilities, and customers are always craving the newest possibility for you to present to them.

If you want to know how to continue in building a business empire, make sure to keep on reading. Below are 5 reasons why using social media for networking is key to your success.

1. Create a Greater Sense of Customer Service

With so much happening over a social media platform, there’s tons of room to practice customer service. Using social media for networking creates an easy way to provide instant feedback, praises, or complaints.

The bonus of this all is when you do unfortunately receive a complaint, you have the power to respond professionally and instantly. Not only will a quick response help the dissatisfied customer, it will show others you are a great business to work with!

When responding to customers, you can let them know you saw your comment by replying, but luckily, social media provides the option to shoot them a direct message to figure out the issues.

An even bigger bonus is being able to showcase your positive responses by creating social media posts out of them. Once potential customers see the love you’re receiving, they’ll be curious and want in on the hype too.

If you don’t have time to reply to all comments yourself, you can even hire a personal assistant to help you out.

2. Build Brand Deals

Young “influencers” on social media platforms are changing the game for businesses reaching potential consumers. By utilizing those with an active audience on platforms, you can reach people who may not have noticed you otherwise.

In fact, 30% of customers are following the recommendations of their favourite non-celebrity blogger.

When reaching out to potential influencers, make sure you fully understand the your targeted audience and pay attention to who is commenting and liking their posts.

And think about it. When using a big celebrity, people instantly know it’s another paid deal. They may also automatically think the product is too expensive for them because a celebrity is using it.

When using smaller influencers, it breaks down a wall between the viewer and your business.

3. Networking on Social Media is More Transparent

Many people are scrolling through reviews and comments online before making the final decision for products. By being able to go through conversations between your business and customers, they gain a better understanding of who their money is going to.

Not to mention, no one likes a toxic work environment, especially an online one that can be shared with thousands.

By using social media, you can truly show customers your environment isn’t toxic, but truly enjoyable for all.

4. Customers Can Do a Portion of the Work for You

One of the best things about having social media is having the chance to work smarter and not harder. By customers having the chance to answer polls, share posts, and even tag your business location, you’re gaining press by just doing your job.

You can even create games for customers by encouraging them to share your posts in exchange for a discount or free dessert. By offering something simple for customers to earn, your engagement will start to grow.

You can even create a sort of loyalty program that by checking in at your business a certain number of times, a customer can receive a free small prize or a free meal.

A small sacrifice will benefit you in the future. Just wait.

When customers come to your business, encourage them to tag the location on platforms such as Facebook. By tagging your business, their friends and family will notice them attending and perhaps do their own investigation into your business.

Ah, the magic of social media.

5. Visual Tools Are More Engaging

While face-to-face customer service is great for a growing business, using colourful and visually exciting social media platforms and websites for networking can make or break your online presence.

If you’ve ever been across a business website with a boring font, zero color, and little effort, you were probably immediately disinterested. By keeping content fresh and exciting for viewers, it’ll keep them eager to visit and try out products.

Consumers are 60% more likely to watch a video on a website before they actually read the information written up for them. This shows providing content your viewers will visually enjoy is important, it may be your only chance to reach some.

Fortunately, with all the applications and possibilities of the world, content is constantly taking up new trends. It may be a hot new font, video style, photo filter, or a new song to listen to.

Make sure you stay engaged on your social media to keep up with what customers are responding to the most. If you keep up well, customers will definitely take note.


With a constantly growing, changing, and improving digital world, it’s time to dive in head first with your business.

We know it can be an uncomfortable realm to dive into, but with some patience and discipline, networking on social media can give your business the boost it needs.

Try staying on top of all the hot trends, engaging with all customers, constructing brand deals, and staying transparent to provide the best experience for your customers.

And if you need any help registering, running, or growing a business, make sure you continue to check out our blog and all the great tips we provide.



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