Why Scaling Your Business Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

Regardless where your business is in terms of growth or expansion, being able to scale affordably without disruptions is almost always a high-priority goal. A common misconception is that scaling a business requires big expenses on capital equipment, labor, and...

How A Video Wall System Can Help Boost Your Business

A video wall is made up of a number of screens, each acting as tiles, that are used to project large images onto a background. Video walls are used in a number of capacities, from advertising and instruction to the obvious application of using them to project films as...

9 Reasons Why Most Businesses Fail In the First Year

Unfortunately, around 50% of new businesses fail. Luckily enough, we are able to learn from the mistakes of others in order to not follow in their footsteps by studying what went wrong. Learning from these mistakes can increase your chances of being a successful new...

How to Create a Winning Startup Culture

Do you want your new business to be a place that people are proud to work? Do you want your employees to enjoy coming to work every day because they feel like valued members of the company? You should want this and more. Creating a positive startup culture is...

12 Benefits of Team Building That You Can’t Deny

Did you know the benefits of team building fold over into your company and reap many rewards that are unseen? Team building exercises can improve the effectiveness of the company! If you organize a team-building exercise, you will give your workers a chance to come...

5 Tips on the Importance of Branding

There's nothing more helpful or more detrimental to a company or person than their brand The importance of branding goes far beyond the look or logo. It's not about packaging or other business materials. Whether you're just starting out or have been in business for...

12 Small Business Marketing Ideas for Your Startup to Succeed

Marketing is a huge factor in the success of any business. The strategy you put in place and how that plan is executed can be the difference between major success and heartbreaking failure. There is no shortage of small business marketing ideas available to you. But...

The Top 10 Benefits of Digital Marketing for Your New Business

After years of hard work and dedication, you've finally secured the funding for your great business idea. Now all that's left is to open your business and wait for the public to flock to your company. Except that's not how things work in today's market at all. If...

How to Protect Your Idea Before You Start a Business

So you have an idea for a great new business venture? Congratulations! With a lot of hard work, you're looking at a bright and profitable future. Keep in mind that you're in a delicate stage, though. Countless businesses are doomed before they even start simply...

10 Ways to Increase Productivity at Work for a New Business

Productivity is vital for success in every company. But, it can be the difference between success or failure for a new startup. We all know lots of things can distract you from completing your daily goals. The trick is to be productive despite interference from...

How to Grow a Service Business: 10 Things You Should Know

There are more than 1 million small businesses across Canada. Many of them are service businesses that provide people with everything from accounting services to dry-cleaning services. If you own a small business that specializes in providing a service to people, you...

15 Reasons Why Your New Business Needs a Website

With everyone running to their phones to Google everything they hear about, your business can lose a lot of potential traffic if it doesn't have a website. Right now, 60% of consumers who want your company info are looking for at least some kind of official, online...

Business Test: How to Know Your Business Idea Will Work

Do you have the next million dollar business idea? You might want to conduct a business test before you put your ideas into motion. Lots of businesses fail. Only 20% of businesses survive their first year, and about half of those businesses will be gone five years...

7 Digital Media Trends Startups Need to Know

Starting a business used to be like throwing money into a wishing well. Entrepreneurs could pay exorbitant amounts of money and see little return on investment. Nowadays, wishes cost less and the well tells you if what you’re doing is worth your time, effort, and investment.

The wishing well in our analogy refers to marketing. There’s never been a better time to be a startup because your overhead for marketing–thanks to digital media trends–doesn’t have to bankrupt you. You can also track your marketing efforts with more ease and accuracy so you know early on if a tactic is working or not.

But what are the trends you need to know? In this guide, you’ll find 7 trends to incorporate into your digital marketing strategy so you can grow your business. Keep reading to help turn your wishes into reality.

Building a Successful Startup Financial Model

When you establish a great startup financial model, you’ll be able to raise money from investors, get loans from banks, and much more. Proving your business is sustainable is key to gaining support.

How do you create a good financial model? These steps will help!

The 9 Best Books for Entrepreneurs You Need to Read This Year

Did you know that the average CEO in the US is reading four to five books a month, yet the average person in our country is only reading two or three books a year? Warren Buffett, who has a net worth of over $80 billion, said the key to success is to read 500 pages a day.

While reading 500 pages a day or one book a week might not seem doable, most successful entrepreneurs agree that reading is a key to their success. Books are one of our most valuable sources of knowledge and allow us to become well-rounded.

If you are a budding entrepreneur, start exercising your brain health by checking out this list of the best books for entrepreneurs.

What New Companies Need to Know About Conversion Funnel Optimization

Building a new business can be a major struggle. One of the first priorities for business owners is building their client base.

And while digital marketing makes it easier than ever to reach a wide audience there is an inherent problem in that strategy: Unless you’re selling to the audience you are reaching the effort was all for nothing.

That’s where conversion funnel optimization comes in.

It isn’t enough to just build a solid online presence. You also need to guide your audience through the buying stages.

In traditional marketing, companies could spend millions trying to build awareness. The process was slow and much more art than science. But there isn’t time to waste with the digital economy.

Here’s how to get your audiences buying:

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