Name Searches

Choosing a company name is great way to get started! Unless you are registering a numbered company, searching your proposed business name is a critical first step to ensure your name is unique and available for use. There are 2 main ways to search a business name, and each is dependent upon the type of business structure you are planning to register.

NUANS Name Search

If you are planning to Incorporate and want a named company, then the NUANS Name Search is for you. In fact, the NUANS name search is a requirement for incorporating a named company. If you are planning to register a numbered company, then you can skip the name search entirely.

The following NUANS Name Search options are provided:

  • NUANS Preliminary Search
  • NUANS Name Reservation Report

The NUANS Name Reservation Report is required for Named Corporations.

Enhanced Business Name Search

If you are planing to register as a Sole Proprietor or General Partnership, then the Enhanced Business Name Search is for you. This allows you to search for business names that have been registered with the Ministry of Government Services with one of the 4 Enhanced Business Name Search options.

The following Enhanced Name Search options are provided:

  • Detailed Business Names Report
  • Certified Detailed Business Names Report
  • Statement of No Match Found
  • Certificate of Non-Registration

This service does NOT produce reports for Corporations.

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