5 Ways To Improve Your Social Media Presence Without Consulting A Specialist

Aug 30, 2017

The world of social media can seem overwhelming at first. It’s a topic that has developed as a marketing strategy for business owners. And the process of using social media for your business can seem a bit complicated at first.

You may be asking yourself, how often should you send out a tweet?

Or, what is the best time of day to post a new product onto your company’s Instagram page?

As a new business owner, you need to realize the value of your company’s social pages.

Statistics show that over 30% of small business fail within the first two years. Let’s prevent that from ever happening to yours. With successful campaigns across social media platforms, your clients will be drawn to the types of products or service you can offer them.

Should You Hire A Social Media Specialist?

There are plenty of perks to hiring help when it comes to expanding your brand online.

However, this form of assistance can quickly become costly if you don’t hire the right team of experts. Save yourself thousands by learning how to master your social media presence without the help of a social media specialist.

Let’s explore the top five ways you can improve your social media presence without ever needing to consult a specialist.

1. Interact With Your Customers

There is no better way to find a solid customer base than by engaging with the people who already love your products.

It takes time and energy to build momentum behind what you are trying to sell, but the perks of social media include a fast turnaround time for handling customer service.

Whether the interactions you face with your customers are positive or negative, they all need to be addressed.

An Example

For example, the makeup subscription company Ipsy is great at interacting with customers.

A lot of the time the comments left on their Instagram page are people complaining about not receiving their packages as soon as possible. Ipsy works by curating specific makeup products from different brands depending on a customer’s skin type, skin tone, and preferences.

This creation process takes time to develop a fresh batch of products every single month. So, it’s no wonder the glam bags aren’t always delivered during the first week of shipment.

Ipsy’s account has over 2 million followers. Yet, they respond to each and every concerning comment with a detailed and helpful way to fix the dilemma. This level of customer service is crucial to gaining a loyal customer base with people who enjoy the products.

Once you have an organic customer base, then you can focus on awesome content.

Take notice on who frequently leaves you nice comments and return the favor. Think about setting aside a few hours every week to respond to people. Consistency is a great way to establish a large customer base.

2. Create Valuable Content

Promoting your products is important, but it has to be better than ever. The Internet is full of similar businesses vying for the same customer base. So, you need to learn how to set yourself apart from your competitors through high-quality content creation.

A social media specialist can make content for you. However, it won’t feel as authentic. Also, people have short attention spans (even less than goldfish). They want to see quick visual representations that show them WHAT you are selling and HOW they can get it shipped to them.

How To Do It

One method to creating content is through outlets such as YouTube.

By uploading tutorials or snippets of how your product is made, you can reach even more people on YouTube. Take clothing brands as an example. YouTube content creators are now collaborating with clothing companies to devise the perfect plan to be mutually beneficial to each other.

Videos are the best way to grab someone’s attention because they are fluid and lifelike.

If a potential customer sees their favourite YouTube star wearing a dress from a certain clothing brand, then they associate the cool dress with their beloved YouTube creator. This is a great match for businesses striving to have a growing online presence.

You don’t need to hire a social media specialist to tell you that.

Consider the content you produce right now for your business. Is it visually stimulating like it could be on YouTube? The content that you create needs to be up to date and relevant. The retail business is seeing a major shift toward online shopping, and times are truly changing.

If you own a retail business, then you need to dive into creating content that is going to boost your sales.

3. Look At Your Competition

Every business should approach social media differently.

It doesn’t take a professional social media specialist to fill you in on that idea. If your business is selling candles, then you need to hone in on your demographic for candle lovers. In contrast, if you are selling tutoring books, you need to approach social media with your demographic in mind.

It’s helpful to look at your competition to see what other people are doing to boost their brands online.

You don’t need to hire a social media specialist to spend time scrolling through Instagram. After all, you can do that from the comfort of your bed at night.

Doing a lot of research on how your competitors approach social media will guide you to find the right way to control your platforms — without a social media specialist.

Browse through their content to see what types of posts they included on their Instagram feeds.

You can draw inspiration from the posts that received a ton of engagement from followers. You can also see how often they like to post and what time of day their posts got the most attention.

It never hurts to check on your competition. This is a free and simple way to learn how to master your own social media branding.

4. Set Goals For Your Social Media Shares

Unfortunately, you will not grow 1 million followers in a matter of minutes. Natural growth takes time!

However, you can start by setting small, attainable goals for yourself. Plus, you’ll conquer your fears of social media right away.

Setting goals will keep you in check with all of your social media accomplishments.

One goal, for example, could be to get 1,000 followers on Instagram. You can work hard to achieve this goal by producing high-quality photos that illustrate your brand.

If you own a tea company, you can post cute shots of people drinking tea or making tea from a kettle.

You should also encourage your readers to follow a hashtag that you’ve created. This unique hashtag will definitely keep your company a part from the rest of the tea companies out there.

A hashtag option could be #tealoversofcanada or #lovemytea.

5. Be Your Own Social Media Specialist

It’s time for you to get started on the path to success with your company’s social media platforms.

Don’t be afraid to test the waters to find the right routine for you to settle into. It takes  more than a few days to build up a large social media following. Often, it takes months or years. But over time, people will begin to love your company if you continue to post real life content that has meaning behind it.

Think about investing in developing a YouTube channel to show off your products in a visual manner. Doing this will draw in crowds of people from all over the world.

Social media has the power to reach not only local customers, but potential customers from places you would never expect.

You can skip the process of hiring a social media specialist because once you take out a chunk of time in your day to practice tweeting and posting awesome Instagram photos to promote your company, you will become your own social media specialist.



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