5 Ways to Keep Negative Energy Away From a Productive Workplace

May 23, 2018

Are you a business owner who wants to keep their workers happy?

One way to do this is to ensure that your office isn’t full of negative energy. Negative energy can come from people or the environment they work in.

You need to make sure you’re doing all you can as the business owner to give your employees a healthy and high-functioning place to work.

This article will teach you 5 ways to keep negative energy away from your office.

1) Hire People with Soft Skills

An office is made up of the people who work for it.

If you want to keep negative energy away from your office, you need to make sure you’re hiring the right kinds of people.

Hiring people who have strong soft skills is a great way to ensure that your employees will get along. Soft skills include listening, empathy, and leadership.

You want your employees to enjoy spending time with one another. This will make all of their interactions easier.

When you don’t take soft skills into account, you could end up with employees who might be good at their job, but terrible with people. They will make your workplace toxic by being unreasonable and uncooperative.

When making hiring decisions it’s imperative that you consider how a person will fit into your company’s culture. Hire someone who you can see getting along with the rest of your staff.

Better yet, have them meet multiple members of the team before bringing them on board.

2) Keep The Office Clean

Nobody wants to work in an office environment that’s dirty and cluttered.

Do your part by either hiring a cleaning service or cleaning the office yourself. Encourage your employees to clean up after themselves and set standards for how clean their individual workspaces should be.

Working in a clean environment is good for people’s minds and productivity.

When an office is disorganized, people become unable to find things and their productivity drops.

Do whatever you can to make the office a comfortable place to work.

Your employees will notice the effort and their spirits will be lifted, thus shedding negative vibes from your workplace.

3) Do Team Building Activities

We mentioned above that you should hire people that you think will fit in well with your team. Once you have your ideal team it’s important that you all bond together.

Do team building activities and events that will help you get to know one another better.

One great team building excursion could be a trip to a local escape room. Escape rooms sharpen people’s problem-solving skills and put their wits to the test.

You will be locked in a room with your employees for an hour and attempt to solve puzzles and clues in order to escape. This exercise will allow your employees to show off their leadership skills.

If you don’t want to leave the office, even something as simple as playing a cooperative board game together could be a great team building activity.

The better your employees work together as a team, the more positive the working environment will be at the office.

4) Encourage Feedback

One of the main sources of negative energy in an office stems from lack of communication and openness.

Oftentimes, employees feel nervous to speak their mind about problems they’re having in the office.

Squash this worry by encouraging an open office environment where people feel free to voice their issues. Start a suggestion box where people can voice their issues anonymously if they so choose.

Make your employees feel valued and welcome by taking their suggestions into consideration. After all, they might know how they’re job could run more efficiently better than you do.

When people harbour their problems and don’t discuss them, negative energy and resentment grows. Encouraging open dialogue and conversation amongst your employees will keep negative energy away from the office.

5) Make Your Employees Feel Appreciated

All human beings want to feel appreciated in both their personal relationships and professional ones.

If you want good employees to stick around you need to make them feel appreciated.

You can do this in a variety of ways. Be sure to celebrate employee birthdays with a party catered to that employees interests. Celebrate holidays in the office to show you appreciate your employees working on those days.

Give performance reviews often, especially when there’s nothing negative to report. Employees like to hear from their bosses that they’re doing a great job.

Show your employees appreciation by bringing in complimentary breakfast, lunch or coffee. Everyone’s productivity is boosted once they have some free food.

Showing appreciation is a great way to rid your office of negative energy. When your employees feel appreciated they’ll be motivated to work harder to continue earning your respect and admiration.


These 5 tips will help you keep negative energy away from your office.

The bottom line is that you need happy employees to have a happy office. The happier your employees are, the more positive the energy will feel at your workplace.

The secret to keeping your employees happy is listening to their feedback and showing your appreciation. Encourage an open office where people aren’t afraid to speak their mind and you’ll notice a dramatic decrease in negative energy.

Like this article? Want to tell us about your own tips for keeping negative energy out of your office? Please contact us here.



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