5 Ways To Use Our Free NUANS Preliminary Search

Dec 5, 2016

NUANS is the most thorough and comprehensive business registration database available in Canada. With this valuable resource available for you to search for free, what are some ways you can be using it right now?

Here are 5 ways you can be using the Free NUANS Preliminary Search today:


1. Search for a new business name

One of the most common uses of the NUANS database is searching for a new business name. Whether you are registering a new business or changing the name of an existing business the NUANS database will help you find a name that is available for registration.


2. Find an existing business

Another common use is searching to see if a Canadian business is actually registered and active. Many US businesses looking to do business with a Canadian Corporation will want to ensure the Corporation is formally registered and active in Canada.


3. Lookup you Corporation Number or Business Identification Number

The NUANS database contains information about existing registrations. One of these pieces of information is your Corporation Number or Business Identification Number (depending on the registration type). With a Free NUANS Preliminary Search you can pull this information up quickly and easily.


4. Check when you first registered your business

Whether simply for reference or for documentation you may want to know when you first registered your business. A NUANS Preliminary Search will give you the day, month, and year when the business was created. (As a side note, if a Master Business Licence expired and you are registered under the same name this would only show the creation date of the new registration)


5. Make sure no one else is using your business name

Your business name is your businesses identity, you want to make sure that no else has registered the name you are using and causing confusion for your customers. With a NUANS Preliminary Search you can search all of Canada. If you find a similar registration, and you have rights to the name in that jurisdiction, you can take further steps if needed.

Free NUANS Preliminary Search
Free NUANS Preliminary Search
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