8 Reasons Your Company Needs Local SEO Services

Nov 17, 2017

Looking for more customer activity on your website?

Then you should be interested in local SEO services. These services help bring attention to your website by bringing your company to potential customers who are searching for the services you provide.

In the Internet Age, in which there are over a billion websites that you can visit, having pristine SEO services are more important than ever. They should be a key part of any marketing push you make.

That’s a general idea, but it gets more specific. There are plenty of reasons to rely on local SEO services. Are you aware of all of them?

If not, we’ve got you covered. Here are eight reasons to step into the local SEO arena.

1. Sell More

Whatever service or product you offer, you do it well. But not everyone knows that from the get-go.

You need more people to see your website, which is basically an extension of your physical store. That’s why there are so many website-builders today that offer software for e-commerce.

Using local SEO services is a perfect way to get that audience to you. But how exactly does it work?

A quick primer is in order. Leaning on local SEO services is truly “local” activity. When customers want something in the present–food, for example–they’ll often search within a close range.

Local SEO is meant to make your company’s name pop up at the top of the search, assuming it’s relevant. So, regardless of the other benefits of using these SEO services, bringing in new customers is the overall result of any successful local SEO campaign.

But, you’ll still be excited to know how exactly those customers come in.

2. Nail the Mobile Customer Demographic

A projected one billion smartphones will be in use in 2020.

As you know, those aren’t just for calling. Every day, society leans a little bit more toward a reality in which we do everything through the little tablets in our hands.

Searching for businesses is already well within that bubble of activity. Today, smartphone users have the ability quickly search for businesses in their area.

Have you ever improvised a quick lunch plan in an unfamiliar area? Then you’re the ideal customer for local SEO services.

In fact, there’s a bit of a land-grab between small businesses who can all compete for these customers. Local SEO is the way to boost your own visibility past your competitors to snag this fresh batch of new customers who have never been to your business before.

That’s right–new customers who can build your base.

3. Expand Your Brand

Building a brand isn’t just an essential part of any marketing campaign–it’s the goal.

Your brand is the reputation–everything from the quality of your product to customer service to location–wrapped up in an image or word. You have an idea of what your company is about. Branding allows you to extend that knowledge to others.

It makes sense that a key part of branding is introducing your company to new customers. In order for customers to have an idea of what you do and what you’re about, you need more of them to see your website in the moments when they want your service.

The formula is simple: customer Jane Doe decides she wants a service you provide. She Googles that service, and a series of choices pop up on her smartphone. Voila–your business appears.

She visits, virtually or in-person, and has a satisfying experience in your shop. That’s the ultimate goal.

4. Rank Higher in Google

The importance of Google in that example is not a coincidence. More than ever nowadays, potential customers are using Google to find businesses like yours.

That’s why local SEO services run through the massive search engine. More specifically, Google Maps is often the method that customers use to find your business.

When they search, your business will pop up with a profile. If you claim your profile and put work into creating a quality description of your company, those Google searches will be even more valuable.

And, sensibly, using local SEO means that your Google rank will also be affected.

There’s a domino effect when you use local SEO services. By increasing your local presence, you increase your traffic.

That, in turn, grows the momentum you have on search engines like Google. And, that can provide a big boost to your web traffic, local or not.

But let’s return to the importance of that local customer.

5. Get the Local Customer

In the age of the vast Internet, your website could potentially get a visit from just about anyone in the world. But some visits are more valuable than others.

The most important kind of visit is local. When someone searches for a business in their area, it could be because they’re on vacation. But, more of those search will be people who live nearby.

Those customers could like your service enough to come back to your store or business. At the end of the day, a returning customer counts double, or triple, or however many times they’ve visited.

If you can build a base of local support, your business will be booming. And there’s one big positive consequence of more business.

6. Pad Your Pocket

Of course, by bringing in more customers, you’ll be increasing your profits. You can start an SEO mission and sit back while the customers come into your store or visit your website.

There’s an additional way that local SEO lets you keep your bank account safe. SEO services are everywhere nowadays, and range in what they do.

It makes sense that there’s a wide spectrum of payment options and effectiveness of strategies. None gives you more bang for your buck then local SEO.

The mission of local SEO is clear and relatively easy to achieve. That’s partially due to the relative infrequency of local SEO campaigns. Many companies have yet to claim their business profiles on services like Yelp and Google Maps.

Despite how effective it is, local SEO is not yet something that everybody does. In the coming years, more companies will start doing it, but for now, the waters are relatively uncrowded.

It’s a kind of Wild West moment for local SEO. You can get ahead of the curve if you dig in now.

7. Be a Step Ahead of Your Competition

Starting a business means many things, from collecting funding to incorporating to opening up shop.

But you also need to survive the competition. Local SEO is a great way to get that done.

Let’s say that you run a sandwich shop (if that’s what you truly do, what luck!). Within a square mile of you, there are five other shops that sell sandwiches. Yours are the best, but that’s not the point.

Somebody in the neighborhood realizes they’re hungry. They type in “sandwich near me” into their search bar. Up pop several different options for them to choose from.

Yours is there, along with a few others that are closer to this person.

Logically, they first look at the closer options. The profiles are lacking description and somewhat unclear–are they even open right now? But when they see yours, they find an attractive profile with many reviews.

They walk in and take a bite–the rest is history. While the example is fake, the point is real.

8. Bolster Your Online Presence for the Future

As consumers move toward the web, it’s important for you to lean on local SEO to help build up your web life.

As time passes, customers will only start to look online more for things they can walk to. That’s a perfect opportunity for you to jump on.

Why not get started now?

Dive into Local SEO Services

Adding local SEO services to your marketing arsenal is a surefire way to ensure more potential customers will visit your website. If you can get them to your product or service when their interest is peaked, you’ll be well on your way to growing your customer base, quickly.

Those are the basics that you need to know about local SEO services. But, at the end of the day, much more goes into starting a business than marketing.

If you’ve gotten this far, you already know how much goes into starting a company. Luckily, we can help out. We’ve got all the information you need to know about starting a company, and then some.



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