Adding Online Reviews To Your Business Growth Strategies

Dec 4, 2017

What sets your online retail business apart from every other business in the market?

If two competing brands both sell similarly trendy clothing and accessories for young college students to purchase, how can you make your products more enticing overall?

It’s not enough to promote your products through Social Media Marketing (SMM) or by the power of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) these days.

You need to improve your business growth strategies and fast.

Read on to discover how you can easily improve your customer based marketing by listening to what your customers say about your business.

1. Add Online Reviews

Data has proven that providing real-life, honest reviews from customers who have experienced using your product will exponentially influence the success of your business.

Nearly 9 out of 10 customers read reviews from the Internet that factor into whether or not they continue purchasing a product from a company.

That means you must include areas on your website for people to leave comments and provide feedback, whether it’s good or bad.

Of course, having positive reviews is the goal.

  • 72% of customers are more likely to trust a business once they read positive reviews that shed light on why real people love the product.

People are also likely to read up to 10 reviews on a product before buying them, so if they don’t read positive reviews on your site, they may change their minds!

Reviews = Revenues.

2. Connect With Influencers


Are you aware of the YouTube community and how influential they are in marketing products?

No longer are people relying on TV ads or even magazines for information regarding the hottest products to hit the shelves.

  • YouTubers, as they are more commonly called, are now the faces of a popular and successful trend in social media marketing.
  • A YouTuber with millions of subscribers can effortlessly tie a sponsored product (such as a shampoo they “love” to use) and encourage their followers to buy it for themselves.


Businesses are sending samples of their latest beauty, fashion, food, and health products for real people to review.

If someone with a huge following likes your product, you are going to see a spike in traffic to your website.

As technology continues to develop, you need to stay in the know about how everyone else is marketing their products in the digital age.

Embrace this cultural phenomenon and reach out to some YouTubers to connect with.

Luckily, there are many categories to choose from–not only are there beauty lovers, but there are mom channels, food channels, and even toy reviewing channels.

3. Make A Page For Customer Reviews Highly Visible

It may sound obvious, but having a separate page where customers can leave reviews is one of the many strategies you may forget to do.

  • Can a customer leave their review in a matter of seconds?
  • Does the customer need to leave their contact information in the comment?
  • Is your business website easily accessible on mobile devices?

Definitely consider these tips the next time you look into creating a page for customer reviews, especially as the volume of reviews continues to rise.

4. Improve Search Engine Optimization

SEO influences business growth because without a high ranking, your website will not see traffic flowing as well as it could.

  • When people leave reviews on your products, your overall SEO ranking will improve.
  • With your website receiving more and more updates in the form of customer feedback, this, in turn, helps your business stand out from the rest.
  • User-generated content has become a new marketing tool.

Encouraging your audience to participate in reporting back on their experiences will boost your SEO ranking and help you find your audience.

5. Increase Your Engagement


Let’s take Instagram, for example.

SEO is one way to promote your business, but social media has also shown a high success rate in conversions.

On platforms such as Instagram, likes are wonderful stamps of approval that tell you that people really do love your products.

However, what you need to do is use Instagram to drive sales to your website.

  • By actively engaging with your followers, you will direct them to where they can purchase your products.

Make sure to keep your Instagram bio updated with the best link they can click on to find what they need. Having an e-mail button will no doubt help your followers ask you questions about your products, too.

Once you have plenty of followers,

  • Utilizing strong growth strategies that involve engaging with your audience will convert likes into more likes…
  • Which ultimately gain your website higher page views and frequent buys.


6. Offer Incentives

People love freebies, right?

Take advantage of sending out free stuff to people!

Make sure you are offering them cool discounts or special deals on your items to draw some interest.

Discounts, sales, and coupon codes are strong business growth strategies that can lead to even more sales.

For example:

If you send out some freebies to online influencers in exchange for honest reviews, you have just earned yourself some potentially wonderful feedback!

You can also earn a loyal customer base by offering incentives to potential buyers.

  • Once someone else sees that their friends or family likes something, they are more likely to reach out and try the product for themselves!

What may be looked at as a simple freebie can turn into a long-lasting relationship between you and your happy customer, which leads to more sales.

7. Update Your Social Media Platforms Daily

In addition to offering incentives, you need to keep your social media marketing in check.

Social media is something you can’t slack on anymore.

What was once known as a newbie’s way of promoting products has now turned into a full-fledged marketing tool with a serious turn around on conversion rates.

Social media marketing can even be spread across multiple channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

If you can’t continually update your platforms, how will your audience know about the great deals on your website?

The goal with social media is to post on platforms (take Instagram, for example) at least 3 times per day.

These posts should be a combination of your products, and even some personal anecdotes.

  • Making your business look and feel relatable to your target audience is important to connect with potential customers.
  • Check the “explore” section of Instagram for more ideas on what types of visuals you should post if you come to a roadblock
  • Stay in the know by following popular pages and businesses that will inspire you!

It’s easy to hire someone to manage your accounts if you don’t have time to do it yourself, but make sure the person understands what your brand means.

Getting personal and sharing insight into who you are as a business are considered excellent strategies to ensure that you are an authentic brand.

8. Keep Negative Reviews To A Minimum

Yikes! Did someone leave you a bad review?

You may want to quickly brush it under the rug and make sure nobody sees it, but it’s more important to take the time solve the problem as quickly as possible.

Here’s what you do next to keep your angry customers happy:

1. Respond ASAP

2. Try to resolve the issue

3. Continue the conversation offline

4. Keep a level of professionalism

5. Address the customer by name

Bad reviews can negatively impact the experience other visitors will have once they access your website.

Don’t let one bad review get you down because they happen.

Use this experience as a way to show other customers that you are willing to resolve a problem instead of letting it get worse.

If other readers see the bad review and they hear that you are willing to provide the best solution possible to fix the problem, then they will know that you will provide quality customer service.

9. Other Business Growth Strategies

Business growth strategies like online reviews and engaging with you audience can deliver powerful results to your business revenue.

Some more helpful tips?

  • Have your audience link back to your website when they mention you in any form of social media post
  • If a customer talks about why they love your product on Twitter, for example, retweet them and respond!
  • Maintain a high SEO rank by actively searching for what keywords will draw in a targeted audience



If you are just starting your business, feel free to refer to this post as a guide to adding online reviews at any time.

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Free NUANS Preliminary Search
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