The Importance of Motivation for Growing Your Business

Apr 13, 2017

Here’s a tough statistic: recent studies show that just 13% of employees actually enjoy going to work.

There are lots of reasons why you might feel unmotivated. In this post, we’ll explore the possible causes for a lack of motivation. We’ll also talk about the importance of motivation, and offer you a few tips on how to find the enthusiasm you once had.

Don’t underestimate the importance of motivation. Without it, you can’t grow your business.

With 64% of employees visiting non-work-related websites every day, there are more distractions than ever. Help them – and yourself – stay motivated with these tips.

Why Are People Feeling Unmotivated At Work?

Whether it’s yourself or your employees that seem to have forgotten about the importance of motivation, the truth is that there are many factors influencing these feelings.

Common reasons?

  • High levels of stress: With so much on their plates, your employees (or you yourself!) may feel like they don’t know where to start. This lack of motivation means not much gets done during the day, which only increases stress levels.
  • Micromanagement: When your employees feel like they’re being watched, it’s easy to lose motivation. If they feel like their every move is going to be pulled apart and criticized, why bother trying?
  • Progress Isn’t Being Made: You and your employees can lose focus when it feels like all your hard work has come to nothing. It’s easy to give up.
  • Lack Of Faith In A Company/Its Leadership: We know this one is hard to hear, but if you aren’t taking your teams input into consideration it’s easy for them to feel like trying their hardest isn’t worth it.
  • Poor Performance Is Ignored/Rewarded: Seeing mediocre work being prioritized or rewarded over hard work can certainly lower your teams motivation to put in the extra effort. Plus, it contributes to a hostile work environment.

Why Should I Focus On The Importance Of Motivation?

It’s crucial to wrap your mind around the importance of motivation. Being passionate about, and invested in, your business can…

  • Increase your productivity/ that of your employees. There’s nothing that makes the time go faster, or a job more rewarding, than knowing you did something that mattered to you. Think about how much better you do on a work assignment that you find interesting than one that you don’t.
  • Help you reach your professional and personal goals. Sure, staying motivated even when things are tough will help you grow your business, but it will also make your personal life better. You’ll be able to afford to do the things that bring you joy, and your stress level will be lower. Focus on thinking long-term when you’re feeling down.
  • Make your workplace and your company more stable. If you are feeling like everyone’s jumping ship around you, try to focus on leading by example, buckling down, and doing the work (even when you don’t feel like it). This will help everyone around you do the same. You’ll see your company grow, and everyone will feel more stable in the business.

Now that we’ve refreshed your memory on the importance of motivation, and identified the major causes of a lack of motivation, let’s focus on what you can do to keep yourself motivated, improve your morale and that of your employees!

How To Stay Motivated

When you need help staying motivated at work, try a few of these helpful tips:

  • Keep your schedule the same: Don’t slack off or allow yourself to get distracted when things are slow or boring. Instead, focus on educating yourself, and remind yourself why you started this business in the first place.
  • Try new ideas:  That bold pitch you’ve always wanted to take a stab at? Ideas you’ve been meaning to move forward with for a few months? Products or service concepts you think can be improved? Now’s the time! There’s nothing like a new project to keep you on task.
  • Focus on ending each day/week on a high note: When it comes to 5:00pm on Friday, focus on spending the last moments at work doing something you really love about your job. Outside of work, plan for something fun in the middle of the week or at the weekend, so you have something to look forward to. It’s always good to have a reminder of what you’re working towards. Plus, once you’ve done a solid day’s (or week’s) worth of work, you won’t feel stressed or guilty about enjoying your time off.

How To Motivate Others

Of course, it’s not just yourself you have to keep motivated! Whether you’re managing a team, or if you’re just the type of person that picks others up, the importance of motivation is crucial in all roles.

There are lots of ways to motivate your employees. Some of our favourites include…

  • Try an incentive program: This is a great way not just to remind your employees about the importance of motivation, but also to reward them for the great work they do! There are lots of options for popular incentive ideas. You could go with cash, extra vacation time, or a dinner out at a great restaurant in town. 75% of all businesses have incentive programs, so make sure you do, too!
  • Try a performance review: Another great way to motivate your employees? Make sure you’re evaluating them at regular intervals. If your employees know what you expect of them, the clear goals and requirements will help them to become more productive. Plus, these conversations make sure there’s no miscommunication between you and your employees. Take the opportunity to learn from them, too! During the review, ask what they’d like to see done differently at your company, or the ideas they have.
  • Do a team-building program: These activities aren’t just fun, they’re a great way to bring coworkers closer together. Try volunteering for an afternoon, plays trust-building games on a ropes course, or head out for a paintball game! It will also give you a chance to see which of your employees work well together. If coworkers trust each other, they have more motivation to make sure the office runs smoothly, and to do their jobs well.
  • Try to keep regular hours: One of the best ways to keep your employees happy, and to make sure they’re working hard while they are at work, is to try to cut out late nights at the office. We get that this isn’t always possible. Still, if you’re scheduling office meetings for 4:30 on a Friday, chances are your employees aren’t going to be your biggest fan. Instead, stress on on-time arrival, and set the example by getting right to work at 9:00. Don’t keep your employees late regularly – show them you understand they have lives.
  • Share your business plan with your team: Make sure your employees know where you’re planning to go next with your brand. Sharing your overall business plan with your employees helps to reassure them that there will be work for them in the future, as well as serious opportunities for growth. That way, they’ll work hard to prove to you they’re worthy of consideration for a promotion.


Now that you know why motivation matters, why people may be flagging, and what you can do to help yourself stay on task, you’re ready to take on the world!

For more tips and tricks about how to take your work life and your company, to the next level, check out our website and blog. Contact us with any questions, or just to hear our thoughts!

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