5 Keys To Social Media Advertising

Aug 18, 2017

Social media isn’t just for kicks and giggles anymore.

In fact, it is one of the biggest advertising tools available to a company now. While display ads and paid search ads will always have a prominent place in the advertising world, social media advertising is on the rise.

Online advertising is a logical choice for any modern business. Social media ads help companies find new clients and consumers by using shared information from the user to identify exactly what it is they are seeking.

Before you even begin to create your ad campaign, you can find out exactly where your targeted school of fish will be swimming in the online world. With a fantastic social media strategist, you’ll be able to broaden your horizons and your audience.

Use Social Media The Right Way

Using built in data analytics can help you spend money in appropriate ways and in the right forums to have optimal effect. Advanced targeting options through social media platforms are a total game changer for businesses.

They have boosted revenue around the globe.

With Facebook as the leader of the pack, bringing in 6.8 billion dollars in ad revenue in 2016. Snapchat and Twitter are both nearing 500 million in yearly ad sales.

Social media advertising is effective, it’s smart, and it can be affordable. The key is to master the tactics of advertising through these platforms.

Here is the ultimate guide to the becoming a social media strategist.

1. Make It Fit

More than 80% of social network users are using social media on their mobile devices. So, it’s important to have your ads tailored to fit a mobile screen.

Whether your campaign is adaptable for a phone screen, or you tailor your ads specifically for mobile devices, they need to look fantastic to your clients.

Use images that don’t require your user to squint to see them.

Use geofencing to have your ads pop up on your user’s platform when they enter certain zip codes. This way, they see the ads when they are near your place of business.

Tailoring your ads to the devices everyone can’t seem to let go of can be an effective way to reach your audience when you personally cannot. Create a campaign that has a stellar look on a small screen and a computer screen.

2. Have Good Aim

I’m sure we have all experienced the semi-creepy feeling you get when a very specific ad that seems especially targeted at you pops up on your mobile phone or computer.

Perhaps you were shopping on Amazon for a product, and then suddenly your ads on various sites are screaming about the product being on sale.

Personalized ads and audience analytics are the crown jewel for any social media strategist.

When platforms like Facebook offer targeting analytics, it’s silly not to use them. Using the extensive options based on age, gender, and location, you can use the targeting tools to your advantage.

Find Your Market

Narrowing down your demographic will help you get the most bang for your buck.

Filter through categories like a household composition, politics, relationships, education. Then filter through your client’s interests.

As social media users indicate their interest in categories like business, entertainment, fitness, food and drink, or fashion, you can further narrow down your targeted demographic. Creating ads that will end up in front of clients based on what you already know about them will help you to hook new customers.

Facebook even gives you the option to create a custom audience by uploading your private list of emails and phone numbers. Facebook will then create a lookalike audience to help you find other audiences that resemble the one you uploaded.

A specific campaign for a specific audience is an effective campaign. Soon, your revenue will start to show it.

3. Make It Engaging

Whether you’re using current pop culture or a witty phrase, grab your client’s attention.

In a market oversaturated with advertising, this can be difficult. But it’s important to stand out from the crowd.

Video ads are always a great place to start.

Hire a brilliant social media strategist who can help your business get off the ground with great video ads. Hire a fantastic cinematographer, get great shots, and make the images bold and memorable.

Use photography, funny phrases, and eye catching art to engage your viewers. Once you’ve decided on your message, customize your video ads for various social media platforms.

For Facebook, consider using memes or gifs that are likeable and shareable.

For SnapChat, create video snippets that are bright and move quickly while sharing important product information.

When advertising on Instagram, use beautiful photos with captions that encourage the client to inquire more.

Also, make sure to do some research to figure out what time of day is most effective for your ads to be published. Studies show that video ads have a lasting impression if viewed in the morning.

4. The Price Is Right

Every social media platform offers many different advertising options. If you’ve got a budget, find the options that will be effective, but at affordable levels by narrowing down your targeted audience on their favourite platform.

Think about clicks and shares, likes and comments. Purchase ads that are shareable and easy to like.

With ad spaces that can self-perpetuate, you’ll get the most value for your money.

If you have a healthy budget, then use your social media strategist to help you create many different ads with your message. Having numerous ads lined up to be released in a timely matter is great.

It can keep your audience entertained, engaged, and consistently viewing your brand in new ways.

A social media strategist should encourage you to buy “packages” for your brand when it comes to purchasing ads.

They range from single platform options to comprehensive social media management programs that cross over through multiple networks.

Once you’ve decided what your brand’s needs are, go swiftly in the buying direction. For a lot of small business, a package that includes one post a day of your creative message is the minimum needed to keep your brand on the forefront.

When considering price, ask yourself a few questions.

How much work will this take the agency? How much of that work can be automated? Are you happy with the posts they offer to make? How much strategy is going to be involved on a regular basis? How often will adjustments need to be made?

Considering all aspects of the upkeep and cost will help you avoid any big bills or surprises. If you know the ins and outs of what you’re getting, you’ll be less prone to disappointment.

5. Make It Personal With A Social Media Strategist

Did you know emotion is behind 50% of buying decisions? This makes the foundation of marketing a very fragile one.

Audiences need someone to connect with when it comes to your brand.

Most brands should have a persona behind them. Whether it’s a real person, or a character made specifically for the brand, people will connect more with your product if they feel they are connecting with another person.

Create a personality for your brand that is unforgettable. “Flo” from Progressive is a great example of a brand persona. In fact, many people even quote her one-liners directly.

Since social media can be such a personal thing, bring more personal into the already personal, and make it extra (you guessed it) personal!

Effectively communicating with your consumer through the product’s personality can persuade buyers into making purchases through your company. It does this simply because they will feel more emotionally connected.

Should your persona on social media be serious and stern? Should your brand message always end with a wink and a smile?

Humans love extremes. By using both ends of the emotional spectrum, you’ll draw more people in.

To most consumers, personal means excellent customer service.


Social media has an undeniable marketing power. Social media stars and accounts with massive followings are bringing in money they never thought possible. Product placement and brand personas are reaching audiences on a new and personal level.

By creating ads that are exciting, engaging, and vibrant you will catch your consumer’s eye. Placing those ads in the right places at the right time of day can be a major game changer for your brand.

Mastering the keys of social media these days is easy when all of the information you need is simply waiting at your fingertips. All you have to do is use what’s already available to you. And if you need help, hire a social media strategist to help you get started.



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