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What is a NUANS Preliminary Search?
A NUANS Preliminary Search is great way to check your proposed business name without the full cost of the NUANS Name Reservation Report. The Preliminary Search is a search of the NUANS database, but is not as comprehensive or thorough as the Reservation Report since it looks for names containing similar keywords as opposed to using the complex algorithms of the NUANS Name Reservation Report. A well structured search, done by qualified individuals can be a very useful in helping you save unnecessary expense when incorporating your business
Do I need to search each legal ending for my business name?

No, the search is done independent of legal ending in order to provide you with the best search results possible.

My search showed some results, is my business name available?

If your search showed results, this does not mean your business name is unavailable. The NUANS Preliminary Search finds other business with the same keywords in order to find businesses with the same or similar name to the one searched. The results should be reviewed for any direct matches to your proposed name in order to determine availability. If you need any help please contact us.

A company has the same name, but with Inc. Can I register the name with Ltd.?

Unfortunately, registering a business name with a different legal ending does not differentiate the names enough for registration. It is recommended to add some distinguishing element to the name in order to better differentiate the business names.

Can I use these search results for incorporating?

No, this report is only to determine if the business name has already been registered before purchasing the NUANS Name Reservation Report. The report required to incorporate your business is the NUANS Name Reservation Report, which is a more thorough search of the database and will reserve your business name for incorporating for up to 90 days.

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