What Is An Ontario Numbered Company? And How To Register One Today

Dec 30, 2016

When registering an Ontario Corporation you’ll see the choice between registering a Named or Numbered Company, but you may not be entirely sure what a Numbered Company is.

So today we’ll quickly explain what a Numbered Company is and how to register one.


What is a Numbered Company?

A Numbered Company is a corporate registration, but in this case you’re not choosing a name for the business. The corporation number, jurisdiction, and legal ending make up the company name.

For example, 1234567 Ontario Inc. Where the number, 1234567, is assigned at the time of registration; the “Ontario” represents the jurisdiction of registration (this is also the Corporation Number); followed by the legal ending of choice (in this case Inc.).

While this type of business name is not desirable for most businesses, in certain circumstances, such as a Holding Company, a Numbered Company may be quite sufficient.

Alternatively, a Numbered Company may have registered Operating Names under which it can conduct business.


How To Register A Numbered Company

Registering a Numbered Corporation is almost the same as registering a Named Corporation. However, since the name is assigned to the corporation you don’t need a NUANS Name Reservation Report to file the Articles of Incorporation.

This means, when you are ready to do so, you can simply complete and file the Articles of Incorporation online, in person, or by mail.

To complete the Articles of Incorporation you will need the following information:

  • Indicate you are filing a Numbered Company
  • Choose a Legal Ending
  • The Registered Head Office Address of the business
  • Director and Officer information

Once the Articles of Incorporation have been completed and filed, you will receive a Certificate of Incorporation and you will need to keep the completed Articles of Incorporation on file.

Depending on the method of submission turnaround time varies. Here at Opstart we complete corporate registrations within 2 business hours.



While a Numbered Company does not fit all businesses, it does have its uses.

Registering a Numbered Company is almost the same as registering a Named Company, except you do not need the NUANS Name Reservation Report to file your Articles of Incorporation as the number is assigned.

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